8 fantastic animated music videos

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Below are some music videos from YouTube that I found today while browsing. They are in fact animated videos, including cartoon and stop-motion. There’s a bonus video at the end too. Enjoy!

Evergreen – Beautiful music video

Just stunning.

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

This is already insanely popular, but I included it because *everyone* needs to see it.

Lost Things

I love this. It’s got a lot of little awesome bits.

In Search of the Wind

Not the best quality art, but very cute none the less!

Fight Like Apes – Knucklehead

The actual song starts at 0:57. I think this is a fantastic lego stop-motion.

Draw with Me

Isn’t this just so adorable?! But also really sad.

Chameleon Circuit – An Awful Lot of Running

I’ll admit, this one got in because I absolutely love the song! But it’s a great video too.

Metronomy – On The Motorway by JUL & MAT

Ok, so this one’s not technically an animation, but I wouldn’t call it a normal video either. I thought it was pretty awesome anyway!

Bonus: “paper horse stop motion animation test

Not a music video, but I found it while searching today. I wish it were longer.

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