A change is coming…

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It has come to my attention that I have let Arteki, well, die. It seems perhaps I was going about writing a blog the wrong way.

My intention was to create a blog that was useful to people, a place that I could post up information to help people.

And I have helped people. I received a few requests for aid via the contact form and most of those problems I managed to solve.

But writing in a more formal way doesn’t suit me so much, I have discovered. I’m too crazy for that. I need more freedom.

And so Arteki will be slipping back towards a more personal blog. I will still try to write in an interesting way. It won’t be “Had eggs for breakfast. Work was ok. Tired now.”, there’s Twitter for that.

My posts will now most likely be shorter, about fun or interesting things I have seen/watched/done, e.g. my thoughts or opinions on a game I’ve just played for the first time, or my first time watching a particular movie.

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