A photo of Gaby

Hello, I’m Gaby, the founder of Arteki.

I graduated university in 2010 with a 1st Class BSc Computer Science degree. Aside from computing, things I also like to do artwork, some of which can be found in my art gallery. If you plan on what I like to call “google-stalking” me, I’ve made things a little easier for you; view my info site.

I’ve always had a fairly strong opinion on things and as a child my family told me I could talk the hind leg off a donkey. So, why not put that “skill” to use?

This isn’t my first website, far from it. I’m been making websites since 2000, but this is the first I have tried to push towards public viewing. I am aiming for Arteki to be a place I can put my thoughts, but I hope to keep most of what I write of interest to a wider audience.

I worked for IBM from 2010-2015 and I’m currently taking a break from office life and going self-employed. Feel free to check out my Etsy shop, a few items from it should appear at the foot of this page.

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