For those of you that live in the UK, you may know the frustration of having to have an @googlemail email address when signing up with Google’s email service, rather than the standard @gmail address.

But, no more!

Over the next week, Google will be making the transition back to @gmail addresses in the UK. I am very happy with this news and I will stop having to find a proxy when signing up for a new Gmail account. 😀

Greg Bullock, who posted the announcement, has calculated this change will save 20 bonbons (yum!) worth of energy a day in keystrokes.

I am curious how the situation was resolved to allow them to reclaim the “Gmail” trademark in the UK. Nothing was posted in the announcement about this.

For those that don’t know, Google were forced to stop using “Gmail” in the UK because a company based in London had already been using the trademark for 2 years. I found the whole dispute quite laughable at the time, but at least it showed smaller companies could still stand up to the Google giant.

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