How are Peking Spring Rolls different?

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No, it’s not one of those deep philosophical questions or some kind of riddle.

This evening I was in the process of ordering Chinese takeaway with my boyfriend and a friend. This, as you may know, can take some time. But that’s beside the point.

The menu contained crispy spring rolls and crispy Peking spring rolls. Faced with not knowing the difference between said rolls, we hit Google.

Alas, Google let us down! Perhaps it was that we weren’t really putting all that much effort into refining the wording of our search term, but we couldn’t find an answer. So, we decided to order both so we could find out for ourselves what the difference is.

Well, having eaten both, I still couldn’t fully describe to you the difference. That’s probably down to the fact it’s nearly impossible to tell what spring rolls contain. It’s also due to the fact the bags weren’t labelled, so we didn’t know which roll was which. We were fully prepared to hit up Google again to translate any Kanji that might have been labeling the bags.

I will tell you though, one was bigger and contained lots of bean sprouts, while the other was a neater cylinder and contained prawns (according to my boyfriend. The half I had contained no sea life of any kind. And I’d have been pretty horrified if it had been alive anyway).

I don’t want to put this down to a failure of Google-Foo, so I will say instead that Google can’t magic up content. Perhaps no one has yet managed to discover the difference, or explain what they have seen.

Alternatively I could have just looked it up on Wikipedia…


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