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Product Name: F 50seris
Product No.: Pro2007614165416
Product Type:
Published: 2011/1/19 10:04:25

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Detailed description:
The latest presented product-F series of hydraulic motor,do not only refleet our rich experience in hydraulic motor manufacturing,but alsp absorb the advantages of crankshaft connecting-rod hydraulic motor  both at home and aborad.
Its main featres:
1.Static pressure balance structure between shaft joint and connecting rod,thereby,it well smoothes the fiction joint and releases shaft pressure.
2.Because of the decrease of the fictional work and heat loss,mechanical and starting efficiency increase,and hence the work pressure of motor also improves.
3.The shaft of this series employs fission structure to prolong motor life.
4.All the key parts of this series of motors  use special material and employ special heat treatment,therefore,it efficiently prolong motor life.
5.As the dimension and performance data of this series of motors are the same as HMB series of  British Staffa Company,it could replace HMB directly.

Product parameters:
Type Displacement
Speed Range(r/min) Weight
Rated Pressure Max Pressure Rated Torque Theoric Specific Torque
F50-3150 3290 20 25 9416 472 8-125 550
F50-3500 3517 20 25 10062 503 8-125
F50-4000 3971 20 25 11362 568 8-125
F50-4300 4311 20 25 12338 617 8-100
F50-5300 5309 20 25 15194 759 8-100

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