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Product Name: OILH15 series hydraulic
Product No.: Pro20076159947
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Published: 2011/1/19 10:04:25

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The OILH series hydraulic winches adopt modular design, composed of hydraulic motors, parking brakes, planetary reduction gears, winch drums, racks, and various distributors, which are formed of balance  check valves and shuttle valves for brake controlling.
OILH series hydraulic winches feature the following advantages:The self-contained valve set helps to simplify the hydraulic system, thus the users only need to equip with pump stations and reverse valves;The balance valve ensures the stability of the winches during uprisingand down setting; The surface hardening treatment of the gears and nitrogen treatmentof the gear wheels ensure lower noise, better loading capacity and morereliability ;The design of setting reduction gears inside of the winch drum, helps to save space, thus a compact construction;The modular design greatly facilitates maintenance;Higher efficiency and longer life.

OILH series hydraulic winches are applicable in various hoisting and drawing equipments in shipping, transporting and mining industries, such as container cranes, railway cranes, and crawler mounted cranes, etc.

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